Saturday, November 23, 2013


As promised on Twitter, my idea for celebrating Adventure Cycling Association’s 40th anniversary. Ask and you shall receive.

40 years is a milestone too epic to honor within the confines of 140 characters. So if you have the time and are open to a little humor, allow me to explain the creative process of coming up with a way to celebrate Adventure Cycling Association’s 40thanniversary.

Step 1: Do a little research.

Established in 1973
Bikecentennial in 1976
Headquarters in Missoula, Montana
Ruby is the 40th anniversary gemstone

Step 2: Think red, Ruby red, like the color of a bike.
Name the bike Ruby. Ah-ha! A red bike named Ruby.

Step 3: Any other Ruby connections? Easy. Kenny Rogers!

Step 4: More research. Find the “Ruby” lyrics.

Step 5: Rewrite the lyrics with a cycling theme. 

You’ve painted up your lugs so folks would stop and look and stare
Ruby are you contemplating riding off somewhere?
The shadow from the bike rack means the sun is going down
Oh Ruby, don’t take your lugs to town

It wasn’t me that opened that old crusty bag of smores
But I was proud to go and do all of our pre-trip chores
Yes, it’s true that I’m not the rider I used to be
Oh Ruby, I’m still runnin’ full Campy

It’s hard to love a man whose legs are spent and cold as ice
And the wants and the needs of a bike your age, Ruby, I realize
But it won’t be long ‘til these legs won’t be spinning ’round
Oh Ruby, don’t take your lugs to town

She’s leaving now ‘cause I just heard her brakes squeak past my door
The way I know I’ve heard them squeak one hundred times before
And if I could move, I’d get my maps and I would track her down
Oh Ruby, don’t take your lugs to town
Oh Ruby, please put your kickstand down 


Step 6: So what’s the big idea? Members submit videos of themselves singing the cycling version of “Ruby”. The best video wins a ruby-colored touring bike with custom lettering that reads, 40 Years of Adventure Cycling 1976-2016.

Second place gets full camping gear.

Third place gets full panniers, racks and fenders.

Fourth place gets a free Life Membership.

All winners will appear on the Adventure Cycling Association’s website and in an upcoming issue of Adventure Cycling magazine.

I took the scenic route but that’s my idea submission. The real idea was to entertain...maybe give a bike tourer somewhere something new to sing while out on the open road or hidden trails or while making camp after a long day in the saddle. 


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