Saturday, November 2, 2013

BEAR TACO...unedited, unfinished

I don't get any comments on here so I'm not sure if anyone is enjoying my fictional bike stories. 

Here's one I started but never finished...never been to Alaska so this will take some research to complete. 

Title: Bear Taco
Inspired by Beargrease, a fat bike offered by Salsa Cycles. Can you guess the ending based on the title?

Alaska in February; what can I say? The first 10 years of my life were spent in southeast Minnesota; born in Winona…raised in Rochester, I’ve made my share of ice forts. If you want to know how a snowball fight turns into a rock fight give me a call.
We ate icicles for after school snacks. I broke my first bone jumping a frozen gopher mound while sledding behind our house. Yeah, I snapped a collar bone but you should have seen the sled. In short, I thought I knew cold. We’ve had some history together but nothing like I experienced in Alaska.

Factory test riders live a charmed life. I’ll admit that things have been pretty cozy since writing my first review of The Chub, Australia’s answer to the fat bike, so I thought it was time to get back in touch with reality, forgo the convenience of an assistant and plan my next test ride all by my lonesome.

Need the following to complete…

Name of major airport in Alaska
  1. Robe Lake Lodge, within city limits
  2. Mile 6 Richardson Hwy, Lake House Rd
  3. Log style
  4. Overlooking Robe Lake and Chugach Mountains
  5. Continental breakfast
  6. Hot tubs
Name of bike shop
  1. Beaver Sports Bicycle Shop, Valdez, AK

Name of helicopter flight service near Valdez.
Type of bears in Alaska
  1. Brown, 1500 lbs, 4 inch claws

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