Sunday, September 29, 2013


Lately I've been considering hanging up the bike and getting back into a car or truck as my daily commuter. For many this would be an easy decision. If you've been successfully riding to work for a few years, the decision-making process gets a little cloudy, especially when you're trying to make a case for adding cycling infrastructure along your daily commute route. Hike and bike trails are great and it's a start, but I can't ride them to work. We need bike routes that can carry us from our front door to our jobs.

The reality is, I could pay cash for a very used car and have no car payments, but I would still have to take on the expense of insurance, $140 per month for fuel, regular maintenance and the inevitable repairs that would follow.

The bike pictured above was acquired for $60 at a local pawn shop. The accessories to make it safe and commute-worthy was close to $300. I don't stress out about gas prices, insurance, unexpected repairs or passing inspection. With the exception of the occasional flat, this bike provides reliable, predictable, trouble-free transportation. It's a real vehicle of transportation and I prove it daily. Anyone who says bikes are not real transportation should follow me on my ride to and from work.

I'm still considering a used car for bad weather days, but I would be just as happy getting a brand new bike.

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